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Thread: Terminal Unique

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    Terminal Unique

    Not that I think that I am terminally unique but.... Since I have been using AS, I have gotten a lot bigger. My problem is a matter of perspective. I don't see myself being any bigger at all even though the scale says so and my clothes say so and other people say so. What I do see is that guys around me seem to be getting smaller. Guys that I swore were a lot bigger than me seem to be my size or even smaller. Instead of seeing myself getting bigger, it would seem that everyone else is shrinking.

    I was wondering, does anyone else feel me on this?

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    Maybe self esteem issues? I don't know but I wouldn't worry about it. Just lift hard, eat big, and grow!

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    we have had this conversation before it kinda like a reverse anorexia some have referred to it as "adonis syndrome". most of us here suffer from this so ur not alone.

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