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    another Postcyle: Poll

    well I was going to make a poll but dont know how! my basic question is: do you guys take a break from lifting while on clomid since your in a catabolic state or am I wrong on this? I hear lots of different thing like people telling me I should relax for awhile after a cycle and then after clomid is done hit it hard again! Then I hear that you have to be hitting it even harder to keep your gains while on clomid and in your 3 weeks between end of the cycle and your clomid therophy.. what are your guys opinions? I hope this is a good post!

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    I cut my training down a little and use heavy weights and low reps to keep the mass. I'll train 4 days instead of 5 just for more recovery time. The only way you keep mass (besides clomid) is to train intensely. I wouldn't take any days off until I went another few weeks naturally, then I'd take a couple days to recover completely. You grow when you rest, but you still have to make the muscle grow.

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