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    Question newbie in need of some help

    I just have a few questions.Im 24 weigh 205 with 14%BF.Im currently taking 25mg D-Bol and 250mg Sust*2/week I plan on doing this for 8 weeks.I eat like a horse and train pretty you think I should do any thing different .I was thinking about adding winstrol Depot for the last 2 or 3 weeks.Do you think I should be taking any anti E.and what can I do too keep most of my gains.

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    Well first off IMO sus is not a good choice for a first cycle, It needs to be shot EOD for blood levels to stay more constant, and 8 weeks is not long enough, i would go at least 10 wks. and yes you should be taking anti-e's with that ,you should have done more research, and finally i wouldn't add winstrol to the end of your first cycle.

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    i would go with at least 10 weeks but 12 would be better. for anti-e's i would go with 10-20mg Nolva/ed, maybe femera as well and normal pct (check around) with clomid and nolva
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