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Thread: is femara fine

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    is femara fine

    ay guys is it ok to just use femara during my cycle of test e or do i need nolva also?

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    Femera for a first cycle of test e is not needed. If you are worried about the bloat, take some l-dex @ .25mg/day. It is good to run nolvadex throughout your cycle @ 10mg/day not only for gyno but it is also benificial to cycle it for a number of other reasons. Also, make sure you have you PCT setup.

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    Femera is fine as an anti-e if that's alll you can find............ Nolva isn't needed but should be used to help with lipids and also in case estrogen has been converted nolva will keep receptor sites clear.

    Run the femera 1.25mg EOD through the cycle.

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