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    Question Prop In Bladders??

    Hey just would like to know what the prop is like that you get in 200ml bladders, normally from a vet??
    People have told me that its very inpure and shouldnt be this right?

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    LORDBLiTZ Guest
    I don't understand the question. 200ml bladders?

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    I'm guessing a bladder is one of those pouches they use when you're on an IV drip?

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    Where I can find food.
    Post #6 has a pic in anyone is curious to what a bladder is
    74mg per ml test enanthate how often?

    As for purity, haven't heard to much about that. However, if you are worried order a few whatmans from and a couple of sterile sealed vials. Run the gear through filter into sterile sealed vials. Look at the procedures in lab section if your wondering how to do this. You can also add another 1% or 2 of BA to solution. That will be more than enough to take care of your worries. The whatmans alone should be fine, but why risk infections.

    If you can save yourself the trouble and order vials for the same price elsewhere than do that. Whatever is most economical will be best IMO.

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    Picture of the Bladder 500ml

    Here is a pic of the bladder if that helps anyone out
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Prop In Bladders??-prop.jpg  

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