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Thread: Suspension Help

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    Exclamation Suspension Help

    I have recently obtained a 20cc bottle of Test Suspension and was wondering if it would be best to stack w/ another water base such as winstrol or would it be ok to go with equipose or another anabolic ? This is not my first cycle and i do realize the effects of suspension but am not quite sure how long i should stay on it. also i have been told to do a cc every other day and have been told to do a cc every 3 days. can anyone help?

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    suspension i wouldnt shoot any less than 2x per day. and i wouldnt use it as the backbone for a cycle. easy gains leave just as easily. stack it with some form of esterfied test at the very minimum.

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    i believe suspensions 1/2 life is only 6hrs or 2x day is good advice

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    That 20cc bottle won't last very long with 2-3x ed injections. Get some esterfied test and use the suspension as a kickstart.

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    Due to its extremely short half-life, it would need to be dosed at least 1xdaily, even 2xdaily. Great for packing on fast weight, but like already said, is best to stack with a longer lasting AAS.

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    suspension is in and out rather quickly. twice a day should be sufficient.

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    suspension half life is 24 hours so once a day every day would be fine i have friends that have had great results with it and the would stack it with androl

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    twice a day is the best, but if you were to inject once a day, inject fairly early in the morning, of course you would want to work out while it is still effective in the body, but by doing so in the morning you would still have a chance of also getting your natural test boost you get in the first few hours of sleep, this is when the natural test levels are highest.
    i have been doing much research on the subject. and i have almost come to the conclusion (almost!) that if you are using a drug with a half life of less than 9 hours, such as anavar , dbol , and suspension. while you are using high doses of tribulus T and nolv, that you can still access your natural test levels that are excreted at nite. i think i will start a thread and see what input i can get on this.

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