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Thread: cycle critque

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    Question cycle critque

    Hello everyone, I have been reading as much as I can on a good first cycle. As you can see the cycle that I have planned out is to try and obtain very high quality lean tissue with very few side effects. I have got my diet and work out routine in order for about the past 2 years now. My body weight has gone from 230 to 188, it about 12% body fat now basically following “Body for life”. Also my body type would be considered Big Boned, and baldness runs in the family. I’m looking to give myself a little boost in the gym, about 5-10 pounds lean mass and getting down to 8% to 9% body fat basically cutting cycle. I was looking for some opinions on this first time cycle. I have 2000 mg's Deca , 100 10mg pills of Anavar , 3,500 mg's Primo (It Legit). I am open to any advise, questions, or comments.

    Deca 200mg's weeks 1-8 (for alleviating sore joints and tendons)
    Primo 300mg's weeks 3-11
    Anavar 20 mg's weeks 6-11

    1,000IU HCG ever day for 10 days, 2 weeks after last injection (total 10,000 IU's)
    Noval 20mgs ever day for 30 days
    Clen /ECA

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    Deca isnt a cutting drug. And I dont see any test in your cycle. If this is your first cycle and you want to cut try test prop and the var if you have it. Also, drop the hcg post cycle and just use nolva and clomid (ldex if you have it).

    congrats on going from 230 to 188, it sounds like you know how to eat and train properly, but IMO you need to read up on the cutting cycles a little bit more.

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    uhhh clomid?

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    add sum clomid in tha mix

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