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    Cycle Critique....

    hey bros,

    Just finalizing with you guys b4 I start. Let me know what you guys think?

    week 1-15 test cyp 600mg/week
    week 1-4 dbol 20mg/ed
    week 1-14 EQ 500mg/week
    week 11-15 winny 50mg/ed
    week 1-4 slin 6-8 ius ed pwo

    I also have about 60 ius of growth left over is there anyway I should/could use it or should I wait?

    Throughout the cycle HCG 500iu mon and thurs (skeptical about this move let me know if its really needed)
    L'dex, novla during cycle and pct
    clomid for pct ( should I add trib too or is it a waste?)

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    I'd up the dbol to 35mgs ed, and run the winny 2 weeks past the last shot of test that way you can go into clomid a day out instead of 2 weeks.
    60iu's of gh isn't going to do anything...Save it till u have more.
    HCG isn't absoultly nessasary but yeah you can use it towards the end to jump start.

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