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Thread: need help!

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    need help!

    Guys im looking to do a anavar only cycle, ive done my research but there seems to be a big difference in reccomended dosage (15-60mg p/day). Can anyone put me on the right track in terms of a 6 week cycle and do i need clomid with anavar i have been told yes and no - anyone clear that up for me?
    My background info is
    Age 23, been training since 15. Weight - 200lbs. Body fat 15%. Done one previous cycle of winstrol tabs, clen and clomid put on around 8lbs. This was a good six months ago. Train 4 times per week.
    Also from experince what is the best anavar to get i read genric spanish and chinese are the best - any comments?

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    Can you tell us what your goal is in doing anavar only cycle? The result will be less than drastic. Your strength will go up but far as appearance is concerened, there will be minimal. The spanish ones are good (I hear), although I had good results with Chinese ones. 40mg ed would be about right dosage.

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    var only is a waste of money. always add a little test, even if it's just 100mg/wk (normal humans produce ~70mg/wk). this will potentiate the anavar so much more.

    the dose depends on the brand and your goals. with btg you can get away with 20mg/day, but with the generic chinese you need to at least double that.

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    If you hit the var at about 40mg a day i think you will be happy. If you are looking to harden up and diet while on. I really would need to know what your goal of this cycle is to really help you out though.

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