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    Winny vs. Eq....which do YOU prefer to stack...

    alright, in your opinion which would be better to stack with Sust 250--500mg per week for 10 weeks (don't worry about my stats, just let me know which YOU'DE prefer, if it's what you had to use, and why):

    Eq 400mg/ml per week or Winny V 200mg/ml per week

    Bear in mind mixing them with Sust to alleviate pain.

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    well if im only limited to 200 mg wk of winny i would go with the eq
    why not do both,add the winny toward the end like this
    sus 500 mg wk 1-10
    eq 400 mg wk 1-10
    winny 50 mg ed 7-13
    clomid 2 days out

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    winny goes well with eq. test should form a base for every stack. i would stack both or not waste my time taking AS.

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    BOTH!like peanutbutter and jelly!

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