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    very sore but not in area i did shot.....

    anybody ever get this?? last nite i did a shot in my left quad on the outer part of my leg and now today my quad is very sore but its sore right above ur knee where ur quad starts. the problem is i did the shot about 6 inches up from that area. the actual spot i did the shot is not sore at all but about 6 inches down right above my knee its very sore, anybody ever get this or know if i should be concerned?

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    i had that happen b4 and i think its due to the oils moving throughout your muscle

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    it's happened to me also. I hit the glutes and the next day the center of my ass is sore. About where my crack starts, almost my lower back. I'm thinking it's just the oils. Like when i shoot 2 or more cc's.

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    same here I did a shot to the quad and a few inches below injection site is was hot red and very sore, it went away in about 3 days.

    props on being from the D!

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