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Thread: body fat

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    body fat

    I am on my 7th week of deca 200mg and tes E 500mg a week... I am 20, 6'0 feet tall and 195 lbs, iv gained 10lbs since iv been juiceing...what I am concerned about is this when I am done with my cycle am I going to lose alot of what iv gained if i continue to worf out...also I have some body fat not much but i have enough fat on my stomach to were i cant see my 6 pack is the juice going to help burn some of that fat on my stomach??

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    while on cycle you would want to do as much ab work as possible but alot of people work on cutting after cycle during their pct.. you can lose all of your gains or hold most of them afterwords, it just depends on how well you do during your pct..

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    a lot of those "gains" you'll lose will be water.

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    although the juice will speed up your metabolism and help you burn fat, a clean diet is the key to you seeing your six pack.

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