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    Few questions on first cycle

    I am still doing my research on AAS before I start my first cycle, but have a few questions. I have read that taking test E or other forms of test is a good way to start, but I have a history of baldness in my fam and I am starting to show some signs, so I want to stay away from the more androgenic steriods . I have also read that proscar may help, but thats just more cheese I dont wanna spend.

    So, I guess my question is that is there any way to take test without having to worry about looking like mr.clean? Also, I want to stay on the leaner side, so should I stay away from test altogether? What would be a better cycle for staying on the leaner side but still puting on like 15 pounds( deca with something else maybe is what I have leaning toward)?



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    You DEFINITELY need test!! i would suggest test enanthate or cypionate alone for first timer. keep it simple and do more research.
    Your diet and excercise controls what you make of your gains.

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    test in a small dose for 10 weeks wont bald you , in my opinion.
    deca doesnt often convert to dht which makes your hair fall out.
    never take more deca than test though.

    the best solution for you at 180 pounds looking to put on 10-15 permanent pounds (IMO) would be a cycle of anavar all by itself.
    its a very mild androgen that will put on some lean size safely.

    never mind the * steroid effectiveness charts that say 4 stars for strength gain 1 star for weight gain you WILL grow on anavar.

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