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    Unhappy Please Help

    Ok, Ok I understand no asking for sources. I asked this same question earlier and my post was deleted, I am simply wanting to enquire about an anabolic review sponsor's legitmacy. I am new and want to know about a anabolic suplier that ADVERTISED ON THE STEROID .COM HOMEPAGE! Now as the system Administrator posted tonight at 11:02 pm:

    "So many of our members have done an excellent job of promoting our sponsors who try hard to give you the best products and service. For those of you who have... THANK YOU!! You are helping to make us better everyday!

    For those who post the names of our sponsors competitors (any company that sells the same types of products), I find that you do not want to support this board and you will not be welcome here. I know I will get a lot of PM's telling me how unfair this is and what not, but I am fine with that. If you dont want to support OUR SPONSORS.... GO TO ANOTHER COMMUNITY! You dont have to like our sponsors or use our sponsors, but do not cause problems by bringing up other companies that conflict with business here."

    This was
    So here I am supporting a sponsor to the site all of us love, and am getting my posts deleted?
    no offense but what the heck? Can someone please explain?
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