I have access to TEST E, D-Bol, Winstrol , Nolvadex (pill and liquid) Clomid(pill and liquid), Letro(femara -- letrozole ), Anastrazole(armidex -- l-dex). That is all I have access to. I can also get some Deca 300 too.

I have mixed feelings on the Letro and L-dex on how to use and when to use with the clomid and nolva.

So throw me some advice from there. Looking to put on some more muscle while keeping the fat down (<--- part of diet...i know.)

this is what i am looking at doing. Any changes or add ins?
where would i put winstrol in here?

Test E 500/week weeks 1-10
D-Bol 30 mg/day weeks 1-4

PCT 2 weeks after last inj
..includes 300 mg Clomid Day 1
................100 mg Clomid Day 2-11
..................50 mg Clomid Day 12-end

..includes 40 mg of Nolva 1st 2 weeks
................20 mg of Nolva 2 additional weeks

27 Years old
5'10" at 200 lbs
Working out for 3.5 years
BF% is 15-20
eating and dieting and cardio is in full effect.
This will be my 3rd cycle.