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    DNP whilst on accutane

    Hi all

    I'm on a course of accutane, prescribed by my derm for adult acne (not AAS related). I'm on 80mg a day.

    I'm planning a 10 day cycle of DNP at 200mg a day. Just wondering if anyone can see a problem with taking it whilst on accutane or should I wait until the accutane is over and done with?


    p.s. this is a great board. one of the best I've come across! keep it up.

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    As a person who has used both I'd say don't use them at the same time. If for no other reason then they both make you feel like hell.

    Also just so you know, if you do a steroid cycle after your accutane treatment is over, you acne will most likely come back and stay back after your cycle is finished (mine did).

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    thanks mate. I'll wait until the accutane is done with.

    tbh, I'd love to try a short aas cycle but my natural acne is so bad I dread to think what it would be like on something like test. I've only recently gotten interested in aas and I'm still learning, maybe I can find a cycle which doesn't cause or aggrevate acne.

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