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    I will be running 50mg of androl for 20days then 40mg of turanabol for 25days and T3 for whole cycle, opinions plzzz

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    id run th anadrol for 5 -6 weeks. you will make great gains that way. actually i just sw you are switching it up for d-bol. that is what i like to do. but i take 100-150mgs of anadrol for weeks1-5 then 50-75mgs of d-bol for weeks 6-10. it depends on how bad the back pumps are and if i cant take them then i have to lower the dose. i get pupms so much worse on d-bol then anadrol for some reason. you might as well leave the t-3 out. i know you will say protein synthesis, but you dont need it. if you want to keep the water down take arimidex , proviron or nolva. also, and most importantly i would add around 400 to 800mgs of test a week to your cycle. depend on how many you did before. that is not an option, you need the test with these orals. and remember the clomid at the end of the cycle.

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