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    Newbie, need help with first cycle

    Im 27, 6"1" , 185 lbs. My bodyfat is about 14%. Ive been training for about 3 years now.

    I have 10 Sus redijects and a 10/ml bottle of Ttokyo Deca 300. Plenty of clomid and Nolva.

    My plan was to do 10 weeks of Sus at 250 and Deca at 300.
    I would like to put on 15 - 25 lbs and reduce my bodyfat some.

    Is this cycle ok or should I up the Sus to 500mg a week. Also would you recommend proviron ?

    Ive done a good amount of research but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would like to get the most out of my first cycle and cost is not a problem, so if there are any other components that I should include(clen , luiqidex, etc.) please let me know.

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    My very first cycle was sus/deca . i did 250mg sus/wk and 400mg deca/wk for about 6 weeks. at first i kept a lot of water weight, but eventually i lost most of it and had good quality muscle gains. i put on about 15 lbs. for your bodyweight, 250 should be good enough as long as you eat like a healthy horse, but if you dont mind the side effects 500 will be even better. i broke out like crazy after that cycle and my body hair grew thicker. clomid will be a good idea at the end to help even out your estrogen levels.

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    you should be able to make pretty good gains since it's your first cycle! good luck!

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    you should be fine. watch out for possible progestenic gyno from the deca though cuz nolva can't stop it.

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