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Thread: Wrist pain

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    Wrist pain

    Just want to know if anyone has experienced something similar.
    It's been for a month pain in my wrist. Well, If I move my thumb in circle...I can feel clicking in my wrist....and the pain is only when I do some moves with the wrist not all the time.

    I did Xray...and everything seems OK.

    This interfierre with my workout when I'm using dumb bells for shoulder or chest.

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    Take advil before work outs. Nothing to strong so if you are damageing something you will know. So don't take vicatin or any strong pain med. Do hammer curls for a while and ice after work outs. If you have the same thing I had then hammer curls won't hurt.

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    This sounds like something that has happened to me.

    Drummer what do you do for a living. Do you site behind a desk??

    You might have Carpal Tunnel. Read into it on the internet. You might just have to change some routine things like when you sleep do you have your arm under your head?

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    getinbig......I'm on computer most of the day.
    And when I sleep I do put my arm under my head.
    Somebody else told me the I changed the way I did help.
    But some of the pain is still I said...when I move my thumb up and down...I feel this unpleasant movement...which hurts too.

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    A X-ray may not see some potential problems like cartiledge or arthritis conditions. You need a MRI if it continues.

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