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    2 1/2 Weeks into cycle and I am sick

    My cycle has been going great and i do not want to loose progress. I am on a 700mg test eth w, 450 mg deca for 15 weeks, frontloaded w/prop 75mg ed. So far i gained 6.5lbs, just 2.5 weeks into my cycle.

    I came down with a bad cold, along w/ several other people in my office. What can I do to maintain my gains? I lost 1 day of my workout routine and I will probably loose another or so. I feel like **** and it has been hard to maintain my protein intake of 2g per lb of body weight.

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    i'd say take a few off from the gym and stay home and recooperate. If possible take off work for a couple days just so you can sleep and relax. try your hardest to keep the protein intake up but i dont see a few days of being sick being that detrimental to your cycle

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    Yeah, same thing just happened to me. 9 days into my cycle and WHAM, head cold! I am pounding all the protien I possibly can along with zinc and vitamin c. I will definately miss todays workout. Cant stand fukkers who cough and sneeze out into the open especially ones who go to the gym sick. Oh well, just have to get over it.

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    Bro I had to take a long weekend twice during my cycel due to being sick. I ate as much as I could. Keep up with injects and eat. If you keep pushing you will be sick longer. I had test flu bad when I started my cycle and then when I switched to another test in middle

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