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    People who dont listen are retarded

    I have 2 buddies that come to me for advice on gear and I give help them out, but they are pissing me off by not listening to what I tell them. My boy Chris has ran 2 cycles in the past which consists of only lorabolin and 1 cycle of just decca which he kept skipping a couple of weeks betwn injections!!! He is convinced that he should run another decca only cycle at 300 mgs per wk. I told him to add some test, b6 and nolva, however when I tell him this he nods his head and is like yeah I will, then today I find out he's been on the only decca cycle for 3 weeks and now he is wondering why his dick isn't working!! F#$king moron. My other buddy Shane ran his last cycle of 50mg drol ED for 6 wks and 75 mg tren ED 6 wks with no anti e's or test or pct. I gave him advice which he did not listen to. When he started losing most of his gains 2 weeks after this cycle, he decided to immediately go on another cycle, this one was of dbol and tren. Again no test or anti e's or pct. I told him he needs test, anti e's and to take more time off btwn cycles. Then shane come to me today and says that he is getting a lump on his right pec. I looked at it and it it definately turning into gyno. These people are why steroids are illegal, they wont listen to good advice and they are literally playing with fire. They dont understand that this isnt like taking suppliments, you can get hurt. Sorry for the rant but hopefully some one reads this before deciding to start a cycle that they know nothing about.

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    I guess some people just have to learn the hard way. It just really sucks that you have to tell your buddies "I told you so".

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    i agree. i can't stand ignorant people who don't listen to what you say. what pisses me off more is that after you try to help them, they come back to you after they are having problems and get mad at you because they think you DIDN'T try to help them in the first place. i want to cave their heads in for just being ignorant. there is my rant for the day

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