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Thread: test E

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    test E

    i am 5'11 180 and i am think about doing a cycle of .
    TESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE only at 300mg week. this is going to be my first cycle what type of gain can i make on it. i have every thing for post-cycle

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    When i first started using i did a Test E cycle at 250mg / week for 5 weeks, i gained 15lbs and kept around 12lbs...for first time run at it you should be fine...i would recomend Clomid all the way through your cycle to avoid natural production shot down, and your recovery will be a lot quicker after the cycle...Just make sure you work hard slow negatives in your lifintg eat lots and you will do just fine...good luck...XXL

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    300mg/wk. is fine for a first cycle. Diet,training,and genetics will play the biggest roles in how much you gain.

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