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    first cycle questions

    What's up yall? I'm 18, 5'8 and 180 with about 15% body fat and I'm thinking about stacking equipose, and perhaps flinplix, or debol. What supplements should I take to combat the side effects and what should my diet consist of? I'm not looking to get freak of nature huge, just really defined(like 8% or less & body fat), solid, and build about 10 lbs of muscle. I know that I'm young, but I really feel that I am filled out and am not going to grow any more. I haven't seen any substantial change in the past 3 years. Thanks for the support


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    @ 18 your way to young to start AAS. Chill out a bit get on a good program and EAT. I am 19 and want to do it as well but after some research and taking to the guys here I am now waiting till at least 22. I am using all the time up till then to research and get my body ready for when the time comes.


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    Son at 18 you are way to young to be hitting the turbo charger so to speak... No disrespect, but you'll have no problem packing on some more nature size first... Oh and fina is awesome shit, but if it's your first cycle and fina is some pretty harsh shit to start out on, you'll do fine with just deca and d-bol... JUST MY 2 CENTS...

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    Yea gsims is right man. im 19 as well and i was goint to gear but these guys here convinced me not to do it. 180 lbs you're at pretyy good weight...dat'z my short term goal for now. i have friends dat are 23, 24 now and they geared when they were 18, 19 and they really Fu(ked them selves up. so take your time and just train hard and eat like a horse. =)

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