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    What should I take with my Anadrol 50?

    I am getting ready to start my next cycle, and I have a some anadrol 50. I have read it is best when stacked with something. I am currently sitting at 5'10" 205lbs 15% body fat

    My questions
    what should I stack it with to get max results?
    what is a good dosage?
    what kind of real world gains should i expect?

    Thank you very much to whoever responds any advice is always welcomed and apprciated

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    you have to throw some test is there. if its your first cycle witch it seems to be then somethind like anadrol -100mgs week 1-6 test-enth or cyp 400mgs a week 1-12. anadrol by itself is useless, so dont do it without the test.

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    this is my third cycle i had taken some winstol in high school
    and this last year i just did a dbol sustanon 250 cycle

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    always have test as your base. Anadrol is a great jump starter for a test based cycle.



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