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    Beginner Cycle Critique

    Well here goes. I am 21 6,2 204 lbs at 9% bf. I am wanting to put on 10-20lbs of lean quality mass while minimizing any kind of side effects. This is going to be my first cycle. I will admit I am a pussy when it comes to needles (at least for my first cycle) So I wanted oral only (and yes I know it will be hard on my liver, but no more than alchahol is. So I just quit drinking all together in prepration for my cycle) I found a cycle in a e-book I have, called Laymans guide to steroids by Mick hart. And this is a cycle for begginers he has that I want to do.
    week 1 (per day): 3 anavar . 1 nolvadex
    week 2 (per day): 5 anavar 1 nolvadex
    week 3 (per day): 8 anavar, 3 andriol 1 nolvadex
    week 4 (per day): 10 avavar, 4 andriol 1 nolvadex
    week 5 (per day): 10 anavar, 6 andriol 1 nolvadex
    week 6 (per day): 8 anavar, 4 andriol 1 nolvadex
    week 7 (per day): 5 anavar, 3 andriol 1 nolvadex
    week 8 (per day): 3 anavar, 1 nolvadex

    I would greatly appreciate your oppinions on this cycle guys!

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    i would just suck it up and use pins. its not that bad at all. once you do it a few times you will get the hang of it and it will be painless.

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    10-20 lbs in 8 weeks???? you are gonna need some test bro

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    er.... - first of all forget andriol - it's total bollocks!
    therefore drop the nolva
    what anavar are you referring to? (dosage?)
    I wouldn't bother tapering - ( I like 50mg ED for 8 weeks)
    10 - 20 lbs is gonna be really hard to achieve on Var only
    you can drop bf & put on a few pounds tho - I love var!
    you will need PCT ( clomid / nolva ) & I'd go with trib throughout (around 4g ED)

    Do a search - I posted Dfloods var only cycle somewhere only yesterday!!!

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