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    Talking Another little experiment.

    my friend and I are going to split 2 bottles of 50 ml qv test 250. I which i have posted already am going to do 1500mg/w. My friend on the other hand is going to do 550mg/w. we are both going to kick start the cycles with 50mg/drol a day for 3 weeks and then the 12 weeks of test. heres are the stats

    1st friend
    6'1 191 14% bf cycle history ( 1st cycle uneducated 42 50mg anadrol ) hes beening lifting for 4 years on and off on for year and a half. Bench is 205, leg press is 450 lbs.

    2nd is myself
    i am 6'2 205 10% bf cycle history is (uneducated test 5 weeks 400mg/w, test deca dbol , and test deca dbol halo cycle)

    We are both going to have a pretty clean 4000+ calorie diet with 300+ protein intake. and lifting with eachother 6 days a week.

    work out plan is

    mon and thurs chest and back
    tues and fri shoulders and arms.
    wed and sat legs.

    Cycle 1 layout

    Wk 1-12 Test E 550mg/w
    wk 1-3 drol 50/mg/d
    wk 1-12 nolva 10mg/d

    pct clomid and nolva.

    Cycle 2

    wk 1-12 Test E 1500mg/w
    wk 1-3 drol 50mg/d
    wk 1-12 nolva 10mg/d

    pct clomid nolva and maybe alil hcg durin cycle nearing end have not decided.

    We are going to be starting in about 3 weeks so i'll keep u posted with gains/sides.

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    Hopefully your qv is dosed correctly....

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    ridin dirty
    didn't bdtr do something like this?

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    on the net
    Id like to see a detailed journal with pics if possible

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