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    rubber breaking off in vial

    i was drawing a shot tonight when i noticed a small piece of rubber floating in the vial, it was to big to get in the needle but still a little concerned and i still have 4 shots left in the bottle, looking for some advice on if it makes a big deal and what to do. thanks bros

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    I wouldn't worry about it as long as you're sure it's not sucked up into the syringe.

    I'd like to take the opportunity to remind you all how to best draw from a vial with a rubber stopper, explained to me by Ichabodcrane.

    Hold the needle with the bevel side (the cut side -where the hole is) up at a shallow angle, low to the surface of the rubber. Insert the needle into the rubber so the bevel is about half way in, then tilt the needle straight up, push it the rest of the way in and draw as needed.

    What this does is cut a neat slice into the rubber rather than cut a plug -which is what happens when you insert the needle straight down and thus possibly leave a piece of the rubber in the oil. The slice, if properlly done, closes itself after you retract the needle, and won't leave a piece of rubber in the bottle.

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    I dont think there could be that much rubber to cause trouble. But if you see some in the drawn back needle, bad news.

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    When rubber has broken off in to the vial, I either:

    (1) suck it up into a larger needle and discard it, or

    (2) Tranfer the rest of the contents to a used vial.

    I save a few used vials for things like this. It helps when you're using amps of a substance that won't be used completely for one injection.

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