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    M-1-T; where might it fit into a cycle?

    This is a pretty straight forward question, “ Where might M-1-T fit into a cycle?”
    With the ease you can acquire M-1-T and its affordability it only makes sense to look at this as an option, or does it?

    Background info:
    I am looking at doing a Trenbolone (Fina), Test propionate (Synovex)

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    Since your making all your gear from substances that can be bought very easily over the net, I imagine asking, "Why not just kickstart with dbol " is not really a question worth asking.

    I commend you on doing the research for making the conversions. Be clean and safe bro.

    Actually, I havent really seen it done, but I dont see a problem with kickstarting the cycle with M1T during the 1st four weeks at 15mg ED. Just remember, though legal, M1T is a harsh steroid like most other 17aa orals. Dont run it for more than 4wks and you will be fine. However, it is probably not necessary to kickstart with M1T when youll be running Fina which has a short acetate ester. I imagine the M1T will be overshadowed by the Fina, making it not worth the extra harm to your body. However, i cant speak from experience with M1T bro, so is up to you.

    What are your stats? Whats your cycle going to look like?

    Be careful when brewing your own gear and be sure to remove the Estradiol from the syno.

    Good Luck bro.

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    If your running tren acetate, there isn't much reason to kickstart with m1t, if its tren enanthate you could kickstart with m1t. It will fit in good at the start if its with long acting tren, and the prop will be active right away so no problems with that. I know people who have done prop and m1t for 4 weeks and gained alot of muscle mass in that time.

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    I wasn't looking to kickstart the cycle, the prop is fast acting and would take care of that. This is my first fina and didn't really know if it would be better to kick it down a bit (mg) and back up with M-1-T.

    I also wanted to see how M-1-t could fit into any cycle and what ones it would work best with. At 9.99 for a bottle of 90 tabs, you can't blame me for checking.....

    also, thanks for looking out... I will keep it clean,take my time.

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    i would fit it in the garbage. lol. i have heard too much bad about it. all the sides of juice but none of the positives, plus the lethargy. just my .02

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