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    Switching from Sust to Test-E in cycle...quick question

    (havent bought gear yet) Original cycle was going to be:

    1-11 500mg Sust e4d
    1-10 400mg Deca
    6-12 50mg Winny ed
    novladex 10mg ED
    pct with chlom and nolv to follow

    Was told it would be better to use Test E instead of Sust. So would I keep everything the same in my cycle and run the test instead of Sust or do I need to change how often I take the test and/or the dosage? input greatly appreciated

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    you can just switch to E and keep it the same if you like, or simply shoot 250mg Mon/Thurs....Shooting 500mg Sus could sting a little, so nothing missed there....Imo run the test a couple weeks past the deca and run 20mg Nolv/ed or even better get some L-dex and run.25ml/ed with the 10mg Nolv....

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    Theres nothing to it. I wouldnt advise anyone take Sustanon unless they wanted to take a amp every other day making a combined total of 875mg per week. Enanthate needs to be injected twice a week to maintain consistant blood levels. I would do the same for the Deca as well. I have liked every type of test better than Sustanon or T400. Both being decanoate based. A single estered test will be cheaper than Sustanon anyways.

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    yeah i would go with ent also...if you do use the sus you will need to inject eod to get the benefit of the can draw the entire amp into the syringe and then split that shot up according to what you want your weekly doseage to be....if you do that remember to keep the pin attached to the syringe to prevent bacteria from getting in it....and change the pin after each injection.....

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