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    Red face Ready for my first cycle...have a few questions

    Hey guys/girls.

    Ive been reading and learning on this site for a while now...ive been training for a little over 2 years naturally...making great gains. You guys know your **** so i have a few questions.

    The only test's my source has is Karachis sust or QV Test-e. I really wanted to go with the test-e but im not sure about using QV's products. Im also scared of using the sust because of all the sides i hear about...and the pain. Im just not sure which one to go with. Also is it worth kicking either one of these off with dbols?

    any help/advise you guys can give me is greatly appreciated.

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    go with the QV its good stuff. 500mg/week and 10mg/ed nolva and then pct 2 weeks after last shot

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    for a first cycle i would go with a single ester test (ent) but Karachis are the sh!t if they are real.....and yes it is worth jumpstarting the cycle with dbol will love it....

    oh yeah the pain isn't that bad....with either one....

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    ya take your shot of test e if it's sore then get yourself some b12 to cut it with that should help with the pain... but you should be ok

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    I use QV almost exclusively, and have used most of their products. I love their gear for the price. Just wanted to say that the QV Test E is the only one I have really been disappointed with, and I would only get it if I got a hell of a price. Also, I've never had any pain from QV gear, but some people are just luckier than others when it comes to injection pain.

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    i'd defiently go with the test-e for a first cycle for two reasons, 1)single ester compound and 2)less injections. oh yeah, do the d-bol, you'll like it. probably should run around 30 mg/day for 3-4 weeks. good luck bro.

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