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    Letro/Arimidex Question

    I need a little help here. Next cycle looks like this :

    Wk 1-10 250mg Sus eod
    wk 1-8 400 mg Deca week
    wk 1-4 50mg Dbol daily
    Pct Clomid 300 day 1, 100 day 2, 50 day 3-21
    clen 2wk on eca 3-4wk clen 5-6 wk eca 7-8 wk clen 9-10 wk

    Instead of nolv or arimidex , I would like to run ARR's letrozole . The problem is it sounds more potent than arimidex. What's a good dosage and length? I would REALLY appreciate any help here. I don't want to run something new the wrong way and end up with bad results. Thanks.

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    I would run 1mg ED at that high of a dbol doseage, but after that You could drop it down to 1-1.5mg EOD, you'll really just have to tweak it yourself to find out what works (too much and you'll have problems getting woodies), but those are general guidelines.

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    Yeah listen to their advice. I am running it at 1mg/ed with test e 500mg/wk and I hardly ever get woodies right now. Good thing I don't have a woman right now or she might get pissed. I would drop the dosage but as I don't care if I get woodies now I would rather be safe and make sure I am taking enough so I am going to keep at 1mg/ed unless somebody gives me a reason why I shouldn't. Anybody have a reason?

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    .75mg E3D could suffice

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    letro is quite strong and response varies, particularly with dbol which can still significantly aromatize even with higher dosages (likely due to liver-- site of conversion--)

    dont pick a specific dosage for the whole cycle start median for 1-2 weeks and then adjust up or down from there.
    1mgED is on the fairly mid range, though slightly on the higher end.

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