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Thread: My 2nd cycle

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    My 2nd cycle

    My first was a 12 week test.eth at 400mg/week and dianabol for 5weeks at 30mg/day.
    I got some pretty good gains off of it, about 10pounds of muscle. Now i am a lean 200 pounds and wanna do another cycle. I wanna do a lean muscle gaining cycle. I got one off of this websit and wanna see what you experts think.
    week 1-10 test.eth at 600mg/week
    week 1-10 deca at 300mg/week
    week 8-12 winny at 50mg/day

    I am also going to be running nolvadex at 10mg a day to keep the water retention down.

    So everyone out there is there any advice you can give me on my cycle or any oppinons you have. All would be appreciated.

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    IMO, if lean mass is what you're going for I'd switch the deca with eq instead. EQ won't bloat you near as much as deca will. EQ does need to be ran for at least 12 weeks. Run the test for 13 weeks. Oh yeah, might want to bump the eq (if you use it) to 400mg ew. I'd do the same for the deca if you wanted to use that one instead. Just a side note...always run you test a weeks or two longer then other injectables. This will help keep your libido going and make recovery a tad easier.

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    1-11 600mg Enan 2xWk
    1-10 400mg deca 2xWk --> just mix it with the E.

    PCT 2 weeks after last Test E shot.

    Run Nolva 10mg throughout and 20mg at the finish of the cycle up through and past PCT 1wk.

    Test E has a shorter half life than Deca, so you need to run it one week longer than the Deca. Run the Deca with the E just because you'll be shooting anyways and it makes for more stable blood levels.

    Save the winny for a decent cutter. I dont really like the Idea of running E and Deca, bloating up and then throwing the winny in there. You'll be happier with the winny on a prop/EQ cycle, so you can really get hard and vasucular. Just my .02

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