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    pgf2 sub-q injection sides?

    I'm about to recieve some PGF2 and I was thinking of primarly using it for fatloss. Has anyone used this stuff via sub-q injections rather than IM injections? If so, how where the sides compared to shooting directly into a muscle? what dosages did you use? was the fatloss blotchy or was it smooth?

    It comes pre-mixed at 5mg/ml. I was thinking of taking .25ml ed split once in the morning on my fatass stomach area and another at night on my lower chest. I was orginally planning on mixing it with DMSO and spraying it on but I don't want to waste any of the drug.

    Any of the more experinced bros have any thoughts on this one???

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    I have never done it, and the reason for that is I have read two guys personal diarys while on Pgf2a. The things they described in there was crazy. they where saying that the consistant sides of an injection was puking, having the sh!ts, tremors,cold sweats and site injection cramping for up to and past an hour later.

    You know what it is used for right??? inducing labor in cattle.

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