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    winny tabs vs oral

    adding 50mg ed of winstrol to end of my cycle for 6 weeks.

    i can get oral tabs and also injectables. the oral is ALOT CHEAPER!!!!!!!

    is there is a difference between the two??? have you gotten the same results??? any experience in those two please post. thanks alot.

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    I notice very little difference it's a 17AA so it has to pass thru
    your liver twice either way... I would just save yourself the ED
    injections and go with the orals... some will say they get better
    results off injecting, but i've done both and i didn't notice much
    of a difference...

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    I have read that Winstrol is not an estrogen producing steroid is that true? It does however have an effect on your hairline I have heard ,is there any way to prevent that?

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