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    I Love Juice...what About Insulin

    I started my winter cycle of test E, A-drol, tren , & EQ. I have heard a lot about
    using insulin with your gear for more mass gains. I have 100 i.u. of insulin glargine(rDNA). I know that it can be dangerous if not used correctly, any info on using this with my cycle would be great. My friends think they know what they r talking about, but the little amount of info I've learned goes against what they told me. So please let me know something.

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    its great for size when running it with your stack but very risky start on a low dose of about 4ius of fast acting like actrapid and increase it by 2ius daily if you feel ok go upto 10ius and stop at that most effective when taken straight after training along with about 10grams of carbs per iu this is overkill but will help prevent hypo

    this is a very breif run through best thing is to read the insulin board where more info and more detailed info is available

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    The best slin to use is Humalog, shot IM. I don't know anything about glargine, but with slin the shorter the activity the better. Check out the HGH, IGF-1 LR3, Slin forum here for all the info you need.

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