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Thread: Need HELP HELP

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    Need HELP HELP

    Ive been taking prop 50mg/day for couple of weeks now. Alot of people are telling me what anti E's to use and not to use. My question is do I really need to take an anti E with my mild dosage of test, and will Nolva actually hinder steriods ?ive heard it can hinder testoterone as well as estrogen? I know after the cycle it is important to take clomid but during the cycle is what i am not sure about. anyone with lots of experience can you offer some guidance? by the way i am pretty lean and after a few weeks am noticing a little bloat but very minimal and obviously i have had no gyno symptoms just wanna make sure it gonna stay that way. Thanx

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    Take the nolva at 10mg per day as a preventative measure. There is some research that shows that it may have a small negative effect, however, the effect is hardly noticable and the pro's of taking it far outweigh the cons

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    IMO the weight gain that nolva hinders is the water bloat. Take the nolva at 10mg/day.

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