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    What should I expect from this cycle?

    I am 31, 5'10 215 18% BF. I am going to trim down to about 195-200 before I start this cycle. Here is what I am thinking of doing, feel free to critize/ suggest where needed.

    Weeks 1-14 Test Enanthate 500mg each week
    Weeks 1-5 Dbol 50 mg each day
    Weeks 10-14 Dbol 50 mg each day for bridge
    Weeks 9-14 Winny 50 mg each day.
    6 months minimum Jino @ 3 IU each day 6 on 1 off
    Nolvadex @ 20 mg ed
    Clomid 2 weeks after Test E cycle, following normal clomid therapy regimine.

    What type of gains could I expect to see from this? Also, how does this cycle effect ones aggression. Is this going to set me off at the slightest little thing? Just some concerns I have before I start is the aggression part. I was going to go w/ Anadrol 50 and Tren , but after reading how those effects ones aggression tremendously I decided against it.

    Any thoughts.?


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    I wouldn't run two orals at once. Do you mean a bridge to another cycle or until PCT. Either way I'd use test prop instead, that will work well with your winny.

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    I would drop the dbol at the end of the cycle. Its not necessary, especially considering you're already going to be taken the oral winny.

    I like that fact that you're going to cut before your cycle, thats a very wise decision. I dont understand why people try and cut after a cycle... you're just cutting the muscle you've gained.

    As far as aggression... I'm a strong believe that roid rage is a myth. Its all in your head...

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    You were right in avoiding a-50's and tren if you're prone to aggression. I think that aggression as a side effect is more mental then anything else, to a point. Some people just can't control themselves. I'd drop the second run of dbol . I'd actually consider going with one oral and running it at the beginning or end of your cycle. Personally, I'd run var for about 6 weeks at 50mg. Instead of bridging with dbol and front end loading with the winny, I'd front end load the cycle with prop at 75mg ed wk.14-16. Just my .02 though.

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    What you can expect from a cycle depends if youre eating enough, training with enough intensity (but not overtraining) and getting enough rest.

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