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    Question deca\sustanon cycle??

    i have an 8 week cycle of deca and sustanon .. i was going to take 400mg of deca a week and 250 of sustanon.. obviously ive realized that i need to do 500 sus.. so my question is.. do i double up on the sus and only take it for 4or5 weeks? and take 400mg of deca 1-8? should i go lighter on the deca? also this is my first cycle.. im 5'11 @185 lbs. have been serious for 3 years. oh yeah and 22 years old. thanks for any help!!

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    no wait till you get more and run it for 8-10 weeks,250 wont realy do ya much,500 would give you killer gains,so if you do double up for what was it 4-5 weeks?it takes that long till hits you so....

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    8 weeks minimum on sust bro. you need more. 500mgs sust, 400mgs deca for 10 weeks.

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    Wait and get all your gear. Half assed cycles are exactly that and they cost money with minimal results. You had a post earlier neither mentioned anything bout anti's. Do your homework before you do your first. You dont wanna learn what not to do your first time while on.

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