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    Sweating my A$$ off!

    any of you guys sweat like crazy when you run high doses of test. I am currently on 1250mgs a week of test E and I sweat like no other in the weight room. Some nights I get the night sweats as well. I have always sweat a lot but this is ****ing crazy. I am literally soaked when I get done lifting. Other than that I feel better than ever!

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    yea, i think its pretty common, i'm only running 500 a week and i've noticed that i sweat a lot more in the gym now than i used to. AandF is running basically the same cycle and i know hes getting that same effect from it.

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    Yes thats very common and happens to most all people. If they say it doesn't they are probably not on that dose or have been on it for so long or so many different times that their body has grown use to it.

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