Well, I'm on the 4th week of my cycle and today is the last day of D-Bol. I must say I'm going to miss it. Only sides from the D-Bol was a slight bit of high BP. I'm now waiting for the test e to start kicking in. I can't wait. I'm 12 pounds heavier already and I've been eating like a monster. This is my 3rd cycle and my cycle looks like this:

1-4 D-Bol 30mg ED
1-25 Test E 500mg Week
1-12 Deca 300mg Week
12-13 500iu HCG E3D
13-24 EQ 300mg Week
25-28 500iu HCG E3D
28-31 Clomid and Nolva PCT

I'm 6' and I weigh 212 pounds with about 13% body fat. Feel free to critique as the cycle is not set in stone.