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    Lose Muscle NOT FAT!!

    If you were looking to NOT lose any muscle, but get "CUT UP" would you use CLEN . I have heard WINNY doesn't protect against muscle loss, but clen does, I find this hard to believe, and acctually gained mass on Winny. Would like to give Clen a try now....any opinions. I don't wanna lose much weight, maybe a few pounds, I just wanna cut up what I have, and shed some fat. Could I maybe take Clen, but keep the protein intake up?? Any suggestions would be GREAT! Thanks!

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    the idea of cutting up is to lose bf,not weight.
    you could definily put on some lbs and still get ripped by losing bf and gaining muscle.

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    winny doesn't protect against muscle loss but clen does? whoever said that is BULLSHIT... damn right winny doesn't protect against muslce los... it puts muscle ON... SHIETTTTTT... I'd much rather use winny than clen..


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    10-15 grams of glutamine might be a good idea if you aren't already using it, during use of whatever you go with (be it winny or clen )... it is good for maintaining muscle while cutting, although like foreverblast said, i have often heard that winny will add lean muscle while on a cutting cycle.. however i have never used clen or winny personally....

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