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    Taking days off?

    Before I ever thought about using gear, I was not a big fan of taking days off. I always felt like a lazy fat azz went I did nothing. I use to do 30-45 minutes on the treadmill on off days and it would keep me energized (physically and mentally).

    Now that i'm on gear, I really feel like i'm wasting my time and my money if i take a day off from the gym. I woud think a lot of us would feel this way.

    My question is .....does it hurt your gains (while on gear) if you don't take a day to do nothing? I was arguing that with a friend who told me I will get way better results if take a day or two a week off and just sit around like a couch potatoe and eat and sleep.

    I would like to know how everyone else deals with this, and if you also feel like a peice of crap if you take a day off and do nothing?

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    Theres not a **** thing wrong with taking off a day or even a couple of days a week. Your body needs rest as much as it needs to work out. Don't let your conscience get to you.

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    Resting is when your body grows the most.. Sit around all day and rest up!

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    your muscles olny grow while resting, your friend is absolutly right. over training is no good and may also lead up to an injury

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    I work out 6days/week when on cycle,4days/week off cylce(takes longer to heal)

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