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    l-dex vs. ferma as an AI?

    I have noticed that a lot of you guys say that l-dex is the best choice for an AI, but what about ferma? I heard that most serms and AI can inhibit IGF-1, but that ferma can actually raise levels. Any opinions on this and is it true?

    Also, if one were to do a short cycle that had low levels of estrogen, while an AI was being used, is there any need for the clomid PCT or could you just continue and maybee up the AI?

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    Do a search bro, this has been rehashed so many times I dont think anyone wants to talk about it anymore.

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    femara is much strong er than l-dex. stops a higher % of test convertin to estrogen. i think femara is like 98% effective.

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    Femera is stronger. You still need PCT with clomid. I run clomid an AI and SERM during pct.

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