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    I would like to know how cycle length effects everyone else.

    Im not a fan of half year cycles. I think it costs too much and from research it seems like if you go that route you have to bridge to keep from loosing most your gains instead of trying to normalize your HTPA. But im not a fan of real short cycles either. I have done a couple 8 & 10 week cycles and I think for me that is just about the time when I start to see dramatic results in strength and muscle tone. The weight comes slower after the first few weeks but that is when I feel I start to hammer out real muscle gains.

    Is this how things work for everyone else as well???

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    don't really know yet, my first was a 10 weeker, my current cycle is 14 weeks. So I should know by december, but I'm sure I'm going to like the 14 a LOT more....

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    your right,the weight gain slows after a few has to other wise we would all be 500#.but ii now for myself my body composton contnues to change i get harder and harder the longer the cycle is.i only come off when start to feel run down then its tme for a break

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    I'm at the begining of a long cycle right now. The plan is about halfway through to take 50mg of proviron ed to lower SHBG and continue gains. I'll be doing mini cycles of Tren and Bold Prop also, with a healthy test base. I'm cycling insulin thoughout. My plan is to do an extended PCT with IGF-1 LR3 and slin to maintain gains.

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