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    2nd cycle...please advise

    Been training for 2.5 years.
    5'11" 181lbs 10-12% bf
    Looking to put on lean mass and increase strength
    First cycle was mostly fake

    I didn't find much info on trenbolone acetate, so advice is appreciated.
    Here's a rough plan. Feel free to critique.

    week 1-4 30mg/day dbol
    week 1-10 cyp 200mg E3D
    week 1-10 trenbolone acetate 150 or 200...not sure E3D

    Novladex on hand throughout cycle
    PCT 3 weeks after last shot
    Day 1 300mg
    Day 2-8 100mg/day
    Day 8-21 50mg/day

    I was planning on a dbol/enanthate /deca cycle, but it didn't work out.
    1-4dbol 30mg/day
    1-12enanthate 600mg/week
    1-10deca 300mg/week
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    A good lean mass cycle almost always includes EQ...And there's so many ways to run it but here's a start:
    Week 1-12 Test 500mgs
    Week 1-11 Eq 400mgs
    Week 4-11 Tren 75mgs ed
    L-dex .5 ed throughout
    clomid post cycle.

    Now like I said you can run this cycle different ways, and you could kick it off with dbol but I personally wouldn't because of the water retention..even w/ the ldex.

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    I should re-word my goals. I want to put on a lot of mass, but stay reasonably lean. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm shooting for 20 lbs plus on this cycle. Should I just forget the tren and run deca instead?
    I'll plan on bumping the test to 12 weeks.
    Is it really necesary to run tren ED?

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    I would run the tren ED.

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