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Thread: dbol cycle

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    dbol cycle

    whats up folks. I am going to start my first cycle in years. I am so psyced to get started and see those results. I have recently had a surgury and have been ok to start working out as much as I want. Subsequently I have been doing some reserch on cycles. I was planning on a cycle of dbol and a lot of the info that I been seeing says that it can be used with winstrol (injectable) to harden up. I could use a little feedback and maybe a couple of opinions on the subject. I hear so many different opinions on these forums it get a little confusing to know who knows what really works.
    Thanks .

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    One thing to remember bro. TEST TEST TEST..

    I think that test should be taken with your cycle.

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    Cycles for the Newbie

    Try this thread.


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