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    question about QV Prop

    i am a little worried about my qv prop, i looked at the pics on the site and i got it from a reliable source, i am not sure what color it is suppose to be but it is basically clear maybe a lil yellow, and i have been told that it does hurt when injected, i felt no pain or burning sensation, i am not sure y, i was put on HGH for about 8 years or so when i was younger, is there any chance that this could affect the way my body handles the prop.....

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    your not feeling the prop right after the injection? what body part are you injecting into? you will feel it the next day.... Prop is a light yellow almost clear color but cant tell you if its legit or not unless youpost a picture..

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    Do your bottles look like the ligit pics on this site? It doesn't mean that it's fake if it doesn't hurt. I haven't had any pain when using QV prop.

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    I dont think QV prop is all that painfull.

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