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    Planning 2nd cycle

    I posted this on the GH forum and haven't got any responses, maybe I'll have better luck here.

    I'm just starting to do some research on my 2nd cycle. My first one went pretty well:
    wk 1-4 dbol 30mg ED
    wk 1-14 test 500mg a week
    nolva 10mg ED
    Clomid for PCT 2 weeks after last test shot

    I noticed a little bit of weight loss since stopping but nothing major, still look a lot bigger than before (to me atleast). I have had some acne problems on my shoulders. I started using ProActiv which seems to be clearing things up a bit. But no other side effects besides the acne.

    In planning my 2nd cycle I've decided to research GH. Can anybody provide me with a good website or good article/post to read that will explain not only GH and its effects but its effects when used with Test.


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    Search the hgh, insulin , ect forum..... There is plenty of info there...

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    I've searched that forum but haven't found much detailed info. I'll try using other terms. But if anyone has any other suggestions, I would appreciate it.


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