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    Money Aside-What is your Ultimate/Dream cycle?

    Saw a post like this on another site while doing some research. I thought it might be interesting to throw it up on this board and see what kind of responses it gets. I think I would choose...

    ** 1.5-3g test (doesn't matter what kind)
    ** 100-200mg/day Turkish anapolan
    ** gobs and gobs of GH (as much as I could get away with before sides made it impossible)

    This is pretty much what I'm going to do starting in a week, except not such extreme doses and no GH. Just can't bring myself to shell out the cash. No flaming guys, this is just a chance to do a little dreaming.

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    This is a no brainer.. I would run it for 20 weeks, Bulk up first 10 weeks then cut up last 10....

    1-4: Dbol @ 35mg/ed
    1-10: Test E @ 750/wk
    1-10: Deca @ 400mg/wk
    11-20: Test Prop @ 100mg/ed
    11-20: Bold Prop @ 100mg/ed
    11-19: Tren @ 75mg/ed
    1-23: Femara @ 1.25mg/ed
    1-23: Nolva @ 20mg/ed
    21-23: Clomid @ 100mg/ed

    Ahh, thinking about a cycle like that mixed with some Cialis = I'll be hard for hours

    ***I'm too young for GH or else I'd throw that isht in the mix.
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    dream cycle...lets see...

    1-20 test prop 875mg/week
    1-16 tren ace 700mg/week
    1-4 halos 35mg/day
    1-24 bold ace 700mg/week
    21-24 test prop 1000mg/week
    8-24 anavar 60mg/day
    17-24 drostanalone prop 700mg/week
    1-24 methenolone ace 700mg/week
    hgh 4/ius forever
    igf-1 lr3 4 weeks on, 4 off
    clenbuterol 2 weeks on, 2 off
    t3 ramped up and down
    1mg arimidex ed thru pct
    20mg nolvadex ed thru pct
    .5mg dostinex e3d thru pct
    tribulus thru pct
    tongkat ali thru pct

    2 month pct

    day 1 300mg clomid .50mg arimidex 20mg nolvadex .50mg dostinex
    days 2-7 200mg clomid .50mg arimidex 20mg nolvadex .50mg dostinex (e3d)
    days 8-60 100mg clomid .50mg arimidex 20mg nolvadex .50mg dostinex e3d

    theres some more exotic stuff you could through in, but that would work for me...

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    nothing huge, just lots and lots of tren and prop

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    Cruise on 250mgs/w of test E for 12 weeks and then up to 1g/w for 12 weeks then back to cruising at 250mgs/w, then back up to 1g/w and so on for the rest of my life.

    Also add in 6iu of GH ED for the rest of my life.

    Throw in some anavar at 100mgs/d and/or winny at 100mgs/d now and then to mix it up.

    Add 2g/w of EQ for 12 weeks once year.

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