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    Question Test. Cypionate & Enanthate??????????

    I just Recently Purchused some Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionateand would like to know if they are fakes. From what i've read all the descriptions of it seem fake too me but im no expert. They are both 200mg and are in there own 10ml multi-dose vial. This is what i wrote down about them.
    1. The Expiration date and Batch Number are all printed in the same Process as the label. (No Box came with them either, just 2 10ml vials)
    2. They say u can't peel labels off easily on real ones and these peel off quit easily, just a few piks and i can pull it off.
    3.another, is its corners, they are straight corners on the label. A site said most legitimate companies use labels with rounded corners.
    4.The labels are not totally straight
    Both Vials say they are made in Canada by World Products. this is what it looks like. at the top it has Cypionate 200 and the other Testolon 200, then world products at the bottom, World Products aren't familliar to me, and may be counterfeit or just a re-labelling im not sure, PLEASE HELP.

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    i searched and i couldnt find anything on World products bro, sorry.did you trust the person you bought these off of?

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    Never herd of them

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    bro, i dont know if you have one but if you dont, get someone's digital camera and take some pictures of the bottles and post them on here. I'm sure someone here will be able to help you out...........good luck

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